Tuesday, 18 October 2011

Celtic Cross Bookmark

I made this some while ago from the Textile Heritage Celtic Cross Bookmark Kit (BKCC) and it sat in my nearly finished projects box for a while as I lacked the motivation to cut the piece of pale blue felt (supplied) to size and to carefully hand stitch it on the reverse to finish it off! During stitching I attached it to a Siesta mini 4" No Sew frame (MNP4) which helped to keep it taut and the stitching neat, It was all whole stitches and reasonably straight forward.

I had intended it as a gift for my sister...sorry sis...decided to keep it for myself!

Sunday, 16 October 2011

May Day Baby Birth Cross Stitch Picture

This was my first attempt at a 'stitched from scratch' design which I took ages to draw out and research in detail and transfer to squared paper etc. The actual stitching took very little time and went quite smoothly, although I did modify it a little as I went along and judged it by eye. I used a 16 count white Aida and various bold 'May Day' colours. The area around the Oss' legs was not planned in originally but I felt it was needed to add some perspective to the whole picture. I used Anchor Multicolour stranded cotton (SCM1353) which gave just the right random grassy/ground effect I wanted to set the whole picture off.
I was very pleased with the finished result; it is totally unique and I'm hoping my little niece will treasure it. The only problem is I'll have to do it all again when the next great niece/nephew appears in the family!